Who Benefits From eLearning Programs?

training screenWhen it comes to eLearning programs, there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. There is no one program that can be applied to all types of users. For a teaching method to be effective, you have to understand who will be taught in the first place. That way, you can customize the program that you will use to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the education being imparted. It is not just the content that you need to customize. You also have to think about the activities that you will integrate in the lesson to make it more interesting and conducive for a specific group of students.

In a previous article, we discussed what is eLearning all about. To summarize, it is learning that is combined with technology to make it easier for both instructor and student. Now we will be discussing the different groups that usually benefit from eLearning programs.

According to WorldWideLearn.com, Australians use the Internet more as they age. This conclusion was derived from a study done by Les Burr, a deputy director of student services at the Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia. Those in their 50s are more active when it comes to online education. The same study revealed that women participate more in online group discussions regardless of where they came from.

The same site also mentioned a report from the International Data Corporation that indicates how online course enrollments have grown 33% each year and is expected to climb further. It is evident from these data that eLearning programs is now a viable option to get an education.

Apart from these statistics, let us dwell on how certain groups use eLearning as way to improve their educational experience.


You will be surprised at how talented preschoolers are when it comes to the use of gadgets.They actually start out learning to use them during their toddler years. This is probably why preschools find it easier to incorporate the use of eLearning programs in teaching their young students. Electronic media is a great way to keep the interest of preschools as teachers can make learning fun and interactive. In this age, that is the best way to capture their attention and make them interested in learning.

Primary/Secondary School

When the student reaches this stage, the lessons get harder and that is makes it more difficult to turn into something interesting. Elearning is integrated in many ways to allow students to answer tests and activities online. This enables students to access learning opportunities online and at the same time, permit instructors to gather data about the behavior of their students. An exam done via the computer can measure things like the length of time in answering a question, what type of questions do students get the correct or incorrect answers, etc. Elearning programs do not only provide students with a new and interesting way of learning, it also allows instructors and teachers to dissect the learning capabilities of students to facilitate improvement.

Higher Education

Online learning is an increasing option for those who wish to get an education and yet lack the finances to put themselves through a college or university. It is also a great option for employed individuals to get further education at night and work during day. It even allows disabled individuals or those with a medical condition to get and education without too much physical exertion. Not only that, it allows students to get an education outside of the country, without really having to leave. That is the beauty of a virtual classroom which incidentally, is just one part of the many eLearning programs that are revolutionizing today’s educational system.

Corporate Training

Elearning is also gaining prominence in training programs for various companies. It provides training managers with tools and programs that will equip employees to improve their productivity. This can be of great help for large companies with distribution chains. It minimizes the cost of having to physically send employees or trainers across countries. Now, they simply have to set up an online classroom or video archive to educate employees (old and new).

All of these groups benefit from eLearning programs and the best news is, it will certainly grow further than this. As we continue to improve technology, we can expect that eLearning will improve with it as well.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles for FreeDigitalPhotos.net.