Virtual Learning Strategies That Millennials Will Love

virtual learning for MillennialsMillennials can really appreciate virtual learning strategies. At least this is expected compared to other generations. In a recent article, we discussed how the characteristics of this generation should influence the custom training programs that you will create.

In this article, we will discuss specific learning strategies that can be implemented when creating online courses for Millennials. These strategies are meant to make the courses appealing to the younger generation.

Mobile Learning

Millennials interact with the mobile devices a lot more compared to the other generations. Study shows that the level of interaction is higher with online friends compared to those in real time. Not only that, they spend a lot of time browsing through their phones. When you create virtual learning courses that can be accessed through mobile devices, it would be easy to reach this audience. It is not only flexible, it is also responsive.


Thanks to the digital age, Millennials have become increasingly impatient. They are used to the habit of swiping or clicking on something else if something does not catch their fancy. This resulted in their short-attention span. If you want to ensure that you have their full attention during the lesson, you may have to keep your courses short and concise.

Social Learning

Social media has a very strong hold on Millennials. You should consider using more of forums, community boards, and chat rooms to engage them. The virtual learning can increase the experience and make it more effective. They love to socialize online anyway. Use the power of social media to hook them in learning.

Video Learning

The use of videos can actually combine all three strategies that we have discussed so far. For one, videos can be posted in social media to capture the attention of Millennials. Not only that, videos are usually short – less than 10 minutes long. It is one of the best ways to make the learning fun for the younger generations. With all the tools available online, it is not too difficult to create videos for virtual learning purposes.


Everyone, regardless of the age, would love to learn through games and activities. If Millennials are perceived to be generally lazy, they might not jump at the chance of learning. This is especially true if it is a complex topic. But if you use games as a method of learning, they would definitely feel more excitement towards the learning process.

Learning as-needed

Millennials can be impatient. They want information immediately when they need it. This is why an as-needed courseĀ is a great strategy in virtual learning. Place the course online and give them access to it. They should also be able to go back to the course in the future without any hassle.

Considering the increasing role of Millennials in society, it is only proper that the future of virtual learning should be geared towards their needs. This generation is not that difficult to satisfy. The truth is, the developments that we see today are made by them. They are providing the tools that they need to function effectively in society. We just have to use it to give them the elearning course that will improve their capabilities even further.

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