As with our jobs and lives, the way we learn is constantly evolving. The classic classroom experience is no longer our only training option.

The notion of learning over the internet will over conjure up images of students watching endless videos, discussing topics with only the tiniest resemblance to what they are there to learn. Our delivery system engages learners, not by watching videos, by listening to a real instructor, who can alter the discussions and presentations to make the topics more connected the student’s real world requirements. At any stage they can ask a question of the instructor, and obtain immediate feedback. Unlike traditional instructional videos, students can drive the learning, the detail and the depth that is required, just as they would in a real classroom.

Our virtual classroom takes the benefits of the traditional classroom and integrates this with internet technologies, to create a new world of learning. Students remain in the comfort of their own surroundings, whether that be at home or in the office, or any other place of their choosing. This alleviates the need for students to travel or commute to our training centers, saving on travel expenses and disruption to the students daily routines.

Students receive the same core learning materials that a traditional classroom course would provide. However in addition to this, students will be able to access the lab environment, on demand, for the duration of the course. This encourages the students to revise and go through labs that they may have not have a complete grasp on during the course. In addition to this, presentations can be made available for the students, to allow them review and if needed, they can engage with the instructor for further clarification.



  • No need to travel, saving on travel and accommodation expenses, as well as disruption to the normal routine.
  • Students learn in their own familiar surroundings.
  • Access to the labs outside of class hours.
  • Digital courseware that students can access on demand across a number of devices.
  • Access to lesson recordings.



In nearly all situations, our only requirement is a broadband internet connection, and a computer running Windows 7 or later.  In our pre course interview, we will assess the bandwidth available. If we believe we may have an issue with bandwidth, we will instruct the student to dial into our conference call facility. This will allow them to participate in the normal way, where low bandwidth would otherwise prevent this.