V-Learning is V-Learn’s unique e-learning program that can be customized to provide you with the tools that you will use for your specific training requirements.

By using custom content that comes from your company and our own knowledge and expertise we will help you create your own roster of V-learning materials and resources. We also have partner SMEs (subject matter experts) who will provide advice that will help transform your training tool. We will incorporate the latest technology into your learning strategies through the use of interactive activities. The end result will improve teaching methods that in turn will make learning more effective.

In the development of the V-learning materials, we will consider 4 important factors.

  1. The custom content and concepts that will be imparted to the target students/employees.
  2. The specific educational approach to the concepts that will be taught.
  3. The best medium of technology that can be used to enhance communication and simplify the exchange of knowledge throughout the learning process.
  4. The measuring tool that can determine the effectiveness of the training program.

Customised Learning Management System

Our team specializes in creating Learning Management Systems that is customised to fit your specific educational requirements, whether that is in a learning institution or a company. We will help create an elearning software application that will make it easy for you to manage V-learning programs and training courses. The application will help you administrate, document, report and track all of these courses so you can gauge their effectiveness in terms of learning and development.

The programs that we can develop is best for online or hybrid courses that educational institutions offer to student who wish to have their education remotely. It can also be used by businesses to integrate the training of employees from different locations.

Among the materials that we can help you create includes training videos, custom content, interactive exercises, and effective delivery methods that will make learning more effective. We will help you integrate your content with the right medium of technology. We can also set up a system of learning that will not only make teaching more efficient, but also to help you monitor how effective the new program is. The LMS will help you with online training, content creation, record keeping and employee participation. It can capture anything and everything that you want in your report through programs like Power Point, Power Pivot, Pivot tables and OLAP. You can expect measurable outcomes, cost drivers for profit, and student results or insights. Any data of any sort can be included. That will help in analyzing past data for an improved teaching or training method.

E-Knowledge Consultancy

The V-Learn team are consultants of two of the leading LMS solutions:

  • Tin Can API. Also referred to as Experience API, this is a new learning technology that allows users to collect enormous amount of data about other users online or offline. It is a reporting standard that LMS software solutions use to record data accurately and efficiently – no matter how great the data is. Users can collect and analyze data about user behavior through the tracking of their activities across various forms of technology. This is a community driven technology that is both simple and flexible. We can help you implement this in your own community. To learn more about the Tin Can API, click this link: http://tincanapi.com/.
  • Moodle. This is an open source LMS that is hailed as the leading software in the industry. The target of this solution are educators, learners and administrators to assist in the improvement of learning systems. It allows users to create a customised learning environment through a software program that can be downloaded and implemented in your own server. Our service can help you understand and implement this system to improve your business processes. To know more, click on this link: https://moodle.org/.

Previous and current work

Our output is done with a combination of hard work, expertise and professionalism. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their every need is met. We deliver high quality service and systems that is not only efficient, but cost friendly as well.

Here are some of the projects that we have done.

Client: University of Melbourne

We created a set of customised training videos and delivering classes that are based on content that was specifically done for the University of Melbourne. The program was used to train respective individuals on how to use their CRM-Nexus (customer relationship management) system.

Client: St. Joseph Primary School (Hawthorn) and Holy Family Mount Waverley

We created a mathematics learning system for primary schools that was based on their specific content and a custom learning management system (LMS) and reporting.

If there is anything that you want to develop, V-Learn can sit down with you to discuss how you can make your V-learning ideas into a reality.


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