Training Solution

V-Learn is primarily a training service provider who is introducing efficient and effective V-learning programs that will take e-learning to the next level.


What do we train?

V-Learning is focused on two things: e-Learning and Business Intelligence.

E-learning is basically the use of any electronic media or ICT (information and communication technology) to improve learning and teaching. On the other hand, Business Intelligence, or BI for short, involves a certain set of delivery methods, technologies and theories that can transform information to help improve business processes.

These two are combined in our V-Learning program to go beyond creating activities for students. We are also able to track their progress and look at the group as a whole so we can gauge their position in the learning curve. This allows us to measure the effectiveness of the program that we are implementing while training.

We will also help you utilize the tools that will make your training processes more efficient and productive. We will educate you on what programs will help you achieve your goals faster. The combination of the two in our V-learning program gives the data and allows us to make sense of it too. This is why our training includes the following courses:

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Storyline Articulate
  • JavaScript
  • SQL Server
  • T-SQL
  • Excel
  • JQuery Web Development
  • Microsoft Official Courseware

Who do we train?

V-Learn targets professionals from learning institutions and businesses from all sectors. That includes employers, training managers, employees, educators, and other professionals who requires an expansion of their knowledge about training programs and tools. While they have the main need for V-learning, this is not an exclusive system. It can be open to all. Just get in touch with so we can discuss how V-learning can help you with your own unique concerns.

Where do we train?

We offer training programs that can be done in three different settings.

  • Classroom training. This refers learning in a traditional classroom setting. There is an instructor who will discuss the theories involved, demonstrate the skills and let the students put it into practice. Our classroom training typically lasts the whole day and can last from 1 to 5 days. This can be done in our facility or be brought to your site.
  • Virtual classroom training. This is similar to the classroom training but this time, the students are watching the instructor from a remote place via the Internet. A webcam will be focused on the instructor and to point out important concepts, screen sharing replaces the usual projector. We use state of the art platforms that can make the lessons interactive and effective for both the instructor and students.
  • Online learning. This is similar to the virtual classroom setting but instead of the instructor meeting students at the same time, the latter can access the training at their own pace. This is what we call the Self-Paced Learning. The content materials for training is made available through the V-Learn website, in a cloud-based virtual training platform. These are pre-recorded training materials that includes a video explanation and demonstration of the concepts, interactive exercises and even a quiz to confirm that the training is successful.

Our training solution is created to be as flexible according to your requirements. We can create a solution that will adhere to your preferred time and place. We have the solution… and the best price.