Three Ways Your Custom Training Program Will Benefit From Gamification

men jumping over business chartsIf you want your custom training program to be successful, you need to incorporate game-based learning techniques. This is one of the fruits of technology that allows trainers and educators to make training a lot more fun.

Some business managers hesitate to use gamification because they feel that using games will take away the seriousness of the training. Of course, the fun that is associated with games will turn off the management. After all, they will be investing money in the training. They want to make sure they will not waste it. While the concern is real, gamification, if done correctly, will actually benefit your custom training program.

There are three important benefits when you use game-based learning in your training program.

It captures the attention of the trainees

Games may be prohibited in the workplace but you should realize that it is an effective way to capture the attention of your trainees. Gamification is such a big part of their personal lives. If you look at every smart phone in the company, you will see one or two downloaded mobile games in there. You can also be certain that people will sneak in a few minutes of play every now and then to relax their minds. This observation proves that using games will immediately get your trainees to participate in your custom training program. Regardless of the complexity or seriousness of the topic, gamification will effectively make your training much more interesting.

It increases the retention rate

You know how we usually remember moments in our lives that elicit the strongest emotions? Every memory that you have is usually associated with heightened sense of fun or sadness. Anything in between is more likely to be forgotten. If you want your trainees to remember your custom training program, you need to turn it into a positive experience. That can easily be arranged through gamification. By making your training a fun experience, you get to leave a bigger impact on their memory. That will effectively increase the retention rate in your program.

It can work with real life situations

It is so much easier to relate your training program with real life situations if you use gamification. You can inject relevant scenarios and challenges in game-based learning. Not only will this make your learners understand the significance of the lesson, the games will provide them with a platform by which they can practice what they have learned. Since it is done through games, you can expect that your trainees will be very eager to participate – especially if you create a bit of competitive spirit in the group.

There are many ways that you can convert your custom training program into game-based learning. Make sure that your methods of gamification will be aligned with the nature of the business and that tasks that the trainees have to perform. Take note that you do not have to create an app that is original to the content of the training. Probably the simple way to do it is by using badges. You can award the trainees with badges after they have completed every level in your training program.

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