Strategies To Make Retention Higher For Your Online Courses

head full of booksWe all want to strive for a higher retention rate for online courses. After all, we want learning to be maximized and the only way it can be implemented is when the students remember what they learned. The brain, as powerful as it may be, can only absorb so much. Sometimes, we think concepts can be remembered. However, when it does not leave a mark in the mind of the learners, it can be forgotten as soon as the next lesson is taught.

Fortunately, there are ways for you to improve the retention rate for elearning. Here are the tips that you may want to look into.

  • Make it bite-sized. You do not have to create smaller courses. But make sure that you place breakers in between the concepts to give time for the learners to process what they just learned. If you bombard them with information, there is a high possibility that they will forget the first part of the lesson. Even white space can help relax the mind of the learners to get them ready for the next lesson. Use interactive games, simple discussions and even a video to create the break between lessons.
  • Assess the lesson every now and then. Using quizzes or assessment activities to break the monotonous learning process is an effective way to boost retention in online courses. These periodic assessments will allow the students to reiterate the lessons and will help you determine which of the lessons are effective. Practicing what was learned will strengthen their memory of what transpired in the class.
  • Use scenario-based learning to connect lessons to the real world. When the learner understands how the lesson can be implemented in the real world, the course will become more valuable. When they know the value of the course, they will naturally pay attention because they know how this lesson can help them in real life. Using well-crafted scenarios will help make this connection more evident. Make sure you know those who will use the course so you can choose the scenarios that are most relevant to them.
  • Create interactive elements. Another strategy to increase retention rate is making the course interactive. When you are highly involved in something, it is hard not to get emotionally attached to it. Not only that, you become an active participant in the online courses. Both of these factors will contribute to your memory of this particular lesson. It is not too hard to make interactive elements. Ask questions and make sure the learners are able to participate and answer. Use videos, games, and fun assessment tools to make the course more engaging.
  • Share relatable stories. Finally, you want to make sure that any story or character that you will use in online courses will be a situation or someone who the learners can identify themselves with. Again, this is how you increase the value of the course to the learners. If they can see themselves in the character, it will be easier for them to connect the concepts learned with the appropriate implementation.

Feel free to combine these tips so you can enhance the learning experience that learners can have while going through online courses. If you can make them create powerful memories during the learning process, you can be assured that the retention rate will be very high.

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