Small Changes That Can Improve Elearning Custom Content Dramatically

change custom contentThere are many reasons why you need to change your elearning custom content every now and then. Content usually changes over time because of updates and new discoveries that are happening every day. There are also technological advancements that you can utilize to make the learning experience more pleasant. There are new standards that have to be taught.

Of course, one of the main reasons to change the content in your course is because of the learners. Their needs and expectations change over time. You need to keep up with these because you want to be able to capture their attention and interest. You can make them feel more interested in learning.

The thing is, the changes do not have to be too grand. You can actually implement small revisions and these should be good enough to significantly improve the overall content in your elearning course. Here are some of the minor changes that you can focus on.

  • Colors. Give your course a new color scheme. We all know how powerful colors can be in evoking emotions in the learners. Blue is soothing and relaxing. You want to use this color to simplify complex concepts in the course. That way, it will not be too overwhelming. You should also consider who your learners are. Kids are more excited to learn if the color scheme is bright and colorful. Business people prefer more subdued colors.
  • Navigation. For this change, you might have to tap into the opinion of past learners. How was their experience with the current navigation in the course? Look at their feedback and change the position of the navigation bar or any icons and buttons being used. You can also change the colors and the font of the text. These can make a difference in the flow of the learning process.
  • Links. If there are new links, articles, research, or events that are relevant to the custom content, it may be a good idea to add these to the course. These new links can also provide a different angle or point view to whatever is being taught.
  • Multimedia. Add a new multimedia element in the course. One or two will do. Choose an element that will motivate and increase the engagement of the learners in the course. Make them laugh or feel compassion. Give them something to discuss. This will increase the emotional engagement in the course and will make it more memorable.
  • Length. Another change that you can do is to either break a long course into smaller ones or combine courses into one. This will depend, again, on the feedback and observations that you will make on previous courses that you have gone through. If you think that the long course overwhelms the learners, then cut up the courses into shorter courses.
  • Activities. You can also add new activities or assessments. This will allow you to gauge if the learning experience is as expected. Not only that, it will add something new to the course.

These changes should be easy to implement in your elearning custom content. For most of them, you do not really need to get extra help to create the changes. You can actually take care of them on your own and it should not take too much time to do them.

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