Classroom Training

V-Learn is primarily a training service provider who is introducing efficient and effective learning programs that will take learning to the next level.

Custom Learning Products

V-Learn helps you to create unique e-learning programs that can be customised to provide your organisation with the tools they need to work more productively.


As with our jobs and lives, the way we learn is constantly evolving. The classic classroom experience is no longer our only training option.


Who do we train?

V-Learn targets professionals from learning institutions and businesses from all sectors. That includes employers, training managers, employees, educators, and other professionals who require an expansion of their knowledge about training programs and tools. While they have the main need for V-learning, this is not an exclusive system, it can be open to all. Just get in touch with so we can discuss how V-learning can help you with your own unique concerns.

Your Business, Your Learning Tools

By using custom content that comes from your company and our own knowledge and expertise we will help you create your own specialised learning materials and resources. We also have partner SMEs (subject matter experts) who will provide advice that will help transform your PowerPoint and PDF's into effective learning solutions.

Training Wherever You Are

Bringing Training To You

The notion of learning over the internet will over conjure up images of students watching endless videos, discussing topics with only the tiniest resemblance to what they are there to learn. Our delivery system engages learners, not by watching videos, by listening to a real instructor, who can alter the discussions and presentations to make the topics more connected the student’s real world requirements. At any stage they can ask a question of the instructor, and obtain immediate feedback. Unlike traditional instructional videos, students can drive the learning, the detail and the depth that is required, just as they would in a real classroom.


We truly believe that learning needs to be a captivating experience that is tailored for every individual. To do this we as learning providers, need to be flexible and engaging.