Qualities Of Learning Management Systems To Improve User Experience

Qualities Of Learning Management Systems To Improve User ExperienceLearning management systems, or LMS, provide a very important role in helping you create, document, management, and analyze your elearning courses. All of these seem to benefit only those who are responsible for developing and managing the course. However, if you analyze it further, you will realize that even users can really benefit from it.

Whenever you are creating an online course, you need to make sure that the user experience will be something positive and unforgettable. This is how you make the course memorable so it can have a high retention rate. Every little thing that you add to the course will have an effect on the learning experience of the user. If you fail to make it appealing, you will lose their interest – and we know how getting their attention is important in making the learning process successful.

According to statistics, almost 8 out of 10 people who do not like what they see on a website will search for another one. In the same context, online courses should have enough appeal, engagement, and interaction to keep the interest of the elearners. Obviously, this has to be established as early as the creation stages of the course. This is why you need the help of the best learning management systems online.

When you are looking for the best LMS to improve the user experience in your online courses, you need to look for specific qualities.


First of all, look for learning management systems that will make the course easy to use. You have to remember that the learning process itself is hard. If navigating the course, finding resources, or submitting documents are also complicated, that can dampen the overall experience. Make sure the LMS can contribute in making everything simple for the learners.


You should also look for qualities that will make the course fun. Of course, this will primarily depend on the content and how you choose to deliver it. However, the LMS should be able to give you the right tools that will allow you to implement fun activities throughout the course.


Learning management systems should always be accessible. Since it involves an online course, you have to make sure that connectivity will never be a problem. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a course that cannot be used. Connectivity issues, as simple or trivial as it may seem, can disrupt the learning process and thus compromise the user experience.

Online and offline functions

While it is not expected that the whole learning process will happen offline, the LMS should allow it to happen from time to time. The fact is, there are regions where connectivity is still a problem. The user experience will be compromised but it will not become impossible if this quality is present.


Finally, learning management systems should make feedback and assessment easy. This will give developers with the insight that they need to improve their courses. The best way to do this is by getting feedback from the user themselves. Through their input, you will know what needs to be changed or improved. It will help you create better courses in the future.

When you are using the best learning management systems, it will become a strong foundation for any online course that you plan to do. Of course, even the most perfect LMS will have to be replaced after some time. Always keep your eyes open for new developments. Only research and due diligence will ensure that you are still using the best LMS to manage your elearning courses and make the user experience as outstanding as possible.