SharePoint Online / Mass Roll Out


V-Learn was utilised by Toyota to engage staff and build base skills during their recent migration to SharePoint Online. As part of the Office 365 suite of tools, SharePoint and its integration with other applications such as Word and Excel, are becoming the backbone of Toyota's work environment.

Windows 10 / Office 365 Roll Out

City of Casey

V-Learn was engaged by the City of Casey to be part of their Windows 10 and Office 365 training roll out. Other products included Skype, OneNote, Power BI

V-Learn was able to work with the City of Casey's Training Development team to tailor the contents of multiple course and their delivery methods to cater for over 400 staff.

Customised Accelerated Training Solutions

Regional Training

V-Learn was approached by multiple organisations from the South west regional area to come up with a customised accelerated training solutions which focused on 3 different pieces of software. After working with their various IT teams, V-Learn developed a 5 day course which is structured as an intensive program instead of the standard 18 day training schedule. The results gained were a much more interactive course with a lot of practical labs, real life case studies and continuous support after the delivery.