For individuals right through to corporate groups of all sizes, our instructors are skilled at delivering the information needed to help your team to grow and improve their skills.


Using the experience and knowledge of our trainers, we adapt our explanations to reflect the background and experience of the learner in our sessions. Using relevant ideas to thoroughly explain key points, as well as tweaking hands on exercises to make them more relevant, we maintain an engaged learner.

Our experience shows that maintaining the focus and attention of the learners is vital to a successful learning outcome.

Shared Ideas

Unlike self paced and online learning, you have the ability for real time face-to-face discussions with your instructor and classmates. These discussions can  open up the subject matter to the  needs and requirements of the participant, so they will gain a better understanding of topics covered and how they relate to your own work, not just from the instructor but also from your fellow participants.

Deeper Detail

The instructor can adapt the content they are teaching to better fall inline with the needs of their participants, so the information given is  relatable and therefore easier to learn and apply. Instructors also monitor individuals in the class and can make sure a topic is understood by all those attending.

Building Bridges

In the classroom format participants can also build on work relationships, as they are taken from their day to day workplace and put into team based learning situations.  This new paradigm of communication can then be taken back to the office.