How To Create Custom Training Courses For Right-Brained Learners

How To Create Custom Training Courses For Right-Brained LearnersIt is not difficult to create custom training courses for right-brained learners. In our previous article, we discussed how you can create e-learning courses for left-brained learners. The key to ensure that you can engage them is to get to know your learners. When you know how a person thinks, you can find the best way to present new information in such a way that will be most appealing to them. Once you have captured their interest, it will be easier for them to absorb what is on the course.

So what are the characteristics of right-brained learners? If left brain is more logical, those with a dominant right brain are more creative. They are usually driven by their emotions and intuition. These people are usually artistic, random and innovative. You cannot box them because they are free spirits. Right-brained professionals are drawn to careers in politics, sports, and entertainment. As long as the career involves creative thinking, spontaneity, and perceptiveness, right-brained individuals are bound to excel here.

Given these characteristics, here are some tips that will help you create custom training courses intended for right-brained learners.

Use stories that are emotionally compelling.

A story is creative. When you make it emotionally compelling, it can leave a mark in your right-brained elearners. Using a story is also a great way to practice the decision-making process of these professionals. They are highly intuitive – which means they will really enjoy learning through storytelling. If you make it realistic, it can be a great alternative to simulations too.

Do not hold back on visual representations.

Since you have a group of creative individuals, you want to make sure that you will not hold back on your use of visuals. If you have to present numbers, using infographics should make it very appealing. An animation is also a great tool to use. When it comes to the use of images and graphics, you can use as much as you can without making the custom training course too cluttered. Use thought-provoking images, choose the right colors, and utilize well-constructed videos to increase the visual appeal of your course.

Add some background music.

Another element that you should consider is the use of background music. Whether it is actual music, sound effects or other forms of audio, this will keep the learners attuned to the course. It is known to improve the immersion for right-brained individuals. Not only that, it can help set the tone and mood for the elearning course. Just keep it literally in the background so it will not be distracting.

Setup online discussions.

We do not just mean the typical online discussions. You have to make sure it is lively. It has to be engaging. You should keep the conversation going. Right-brained professionals love social settings. If you place the online discussion in a social media platform, it enhances the effectiveness of the activity. The interaction with peers and colleagues will help keep them hooked to the online course.

These tips should help you create custom training courses specifically for right-brained learners. You can combine more than one or you can use them all. It is really up to you and the goals of the course.

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