Common Mistakes That Can Compromise Your Custom Training Program

laptop with mouse with Help signA custom training program should strive to do more than just impart a new skill or concept.

When it comes to any training course, it is very important to concentrate on the learning experience of the employees. You do not want to merely teach them something new. You want to make sure that whatever you will share will be retained knowledge and will not be forgotten right after. Not only that, the training should encourage them to implement what they have learned to improve their productivity in the workplace. The training program should also motivate them to pursue learning even after the course. This is how you can ensure that the employees will continually strive to perfect their skills in order to improve their performance in the workplace.

In order to do this, you have to make sure that your custom training program will be as perfect as it can be. That means avoiding these common mistakes that could compromise your training goals.

Assuming that all employees have the same learning needs.

The truth is, there are instances when a generic training is good enough – especially when it comes to introducing the company and discussing its history. But beyond that, you need to think about creating custom training courses for the specific needs of every employee. They have different responsibilities and learning preferences. You can probably group them into departments so you can find something in common with them but you should never assume that the learning experience will be perfectly the same. By customizing the course according to specific needs, you are enriching the learning experience of the employees to maximize retention and implementation of the lessons learned.

Overloading them with information.

Another mistake that you can commit is overloading them with information. Remember that these employees are probably loaded already because of their daily responsibilities. You want to help them take in more information without burning them out. This is why you need to be careful about the dose of data that you will give them in the custom training program. If you have to, cut the course into bite-sized courses so they can be digested by their minds before moving on to the next course.

Failing to connect the course with day to day tasks.

In order to motivate employees to participate enthusiastically in the course, you have to clearly show them the value of what they will learn. That means you have to connect it with their day to day responsibilities. How will this new information help them improve their productivity? That is an important question that you need to answer for them. This will help hook them and encourage them to interact and engage in the learning process.

Creating a course that is not entertaining.

Finally, you want to avoid creating a boring course. The best way to engage the learners is to make it entertaining. Fill it with activities and make it competitive. There is nothing like some friendly competition to make the course engaging. You can also incorporate some social learning. That way, the employees can learn from each other. This will not only help in the learning process, it will also allow them to practice how to work as a team. They can support each other and that foundation in their working relationship can really benefit the company as a whole.

All of these mistakes can easily be avoided as you create your custom training program. Be careful about your strategy so you can come up with an engaging and effective training course.

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