5 Ways To Implement Micro Learning In Corporate Online Courses

5 Ways To Implement Micro Learning In Corporate Online CoursesMicro learning can be an effective technique to use in your corporate online courses. When you use bite-sized learning packages, you make it easier for the learners to absorb the content. If a course is too lengthy, there is a chance that some of the content will be forgotten even before completion. You want to make sure that you will get a high retention rate because that is how you can ensure that the course is effective and successful.

The challenge here is finding the right ways that you can implement these bite-sized learning materials and integrating them well into your training courses. This is even more challenging if you have to integrate it with corporate online courses. You need to make sure that your lessons will be delivered to the right people and they can access it without any problems.

Here are 5 options that you can use to implement micro learning in your online training courses.

Instructional Videos

The first option to implement micro learning is to create instructional videos. Take note that you want to make these videos short – ideally 2-3 minutes with 5 minutes being the maximum length. The great thing about these videos is they can be downloaded and accessed by the learner anytime they need to refresh their memory about certain lessons. To make it even more accessible, you may want to ensure that it can be accessed through mobile devices. That way, the employees can look at the videos regardless of where they are.

Micro Games

Another thing that you can do is to use micro games. This may be a bit more challenging to make. But do not be intimidated if you think that you do not have the technical knowledge to get this done. Of course, the more sophisticated the game is, the more entertaining and engaging it can be. But there are games that are simple enough that you can create them. Setting up tasks that will earn the learners badges is a great option. If you do not like too much competition in your online courses, you can remove the element of winning. Give everyone a chance to feel that they are excelling in the activity that you have set up. A game is the best way that you can engage your learners. Feel free to use it to implement micro learning.

Slide Shows

This is a simple way that you can present portions of your online courses. Because of its simplicity, it is very easy to make it appealing to any type of learner. That is why you can use this regardless of who your learner is or what content you want to provide them. A slide show uses visuals, audio, and text in a very simple yet effective way. You can present the content clearly and without too many distractions in a matter of minutes.

Virtual Assessments

These assessments include surveys or questionnaires that can be answered online. This is a great way to gauge the level of learning that is happening. These are usually short assessments that learners can access through the Internet. This is a technique that you can use to transition between micro lessons in online courses. Since everything is bite-sized, you can chop up even the assessments and separate them from the lesson itself.

Blog Posts

Finally, you can implement micro learning in your corporate online courses by creating blog posts. You can post announcements, examples, ideas, updates and other tidbits of information. These posts can contain pure texts or it can have videos to emphasize a point. It can contain links to authority websites that will help enrich the learning of the employees. Not only will this be a resource of information, it can also be a venue for learners to interact through the comments section. They can share their thoughts, ideas and various observations under the post. If the lesson calls for it, you could even let the learners create their own blog posts and have them comment on the entries of each other.

There are other ways that you can implement micro learning in online courses. You can also use audio materials, podcasts, simulations or other formats. Choose the implementation strategy based on the objectives of the corporate training course and the learners who will be participating.

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