5 Reasons Why Product Information Is Best Served In mLearning

business hands using multiple mobile devicesMlearning, or mobile learning, is steadily growing in value – at least in all areas in the elearning industry. Thanks to the popularity of smartphones and the way society uses it, you cannot put aside the benefits of using mobile learning in the workplace. For some, it might be a distraction – but only if you fail to place the right parameters and restrictions. When used properly, mobile devices can be a powerful tool in equipping employees.

One of the ways you can utilize mobile devices is for product information. If the company offer services, then the information about the services provided should be readily available. Everyone in the workforce should be aware of the products and/or services that are making the company profitable. This knowledge will allow them to function effectively and will keep all their work-related decisions in line with the best interests of the company.

The best way to provide product or service information to the workforce is through mLearning. There are 5 reasons why this is the best way.

It heightens the accessibility of the information.

To begin with, mobile devices make information dissemination very accessible. Most of the time, the key people who need this information are in the field. Having the information on their mobile device would make it very convenient to get it. When they are able to access it when it is needed, it can help make them very efficient in their respective jobs.

It improves retention of knowledge.

Since the information is easily accessible, it is easy to look for product information as it is needed. When you can easily look up the information, it is possible to memorize the information. It is easier for employees to implement the product knowledge.

It can improve on-the-job functions.

Since retention is increased, it is possible to improve the performance of the concerned employees. They do not have to keep on researching the information they need. Not only that, they will not be in danger of giving the wrong information to clients. Doing so might be costly for the company.

It makes it easy to update.

Sometimes, product information tends to change a lot faster than one can create an online course. If this is true, it will be costly to conduct training every now and then. Of course, leaving the workforce unaware of the product information updates can make the company lose profits. The solution lies in mlearning. You can create short courses that you can upload online so employees can download it on their respective mobile devices. This will keep everyone updated on the official updates from the company without disrupting a lot of people from their usual tasks.

It makes training more cost-efficient.

If you can set up the mobile devices of your workforce to receive regular mlearning courses, it will make training more cost-efficient. You simply have to send the online course to the mobile device of the respective employees and they should be able to update their knowledge about the products and services they have to offer. No need to gather everyone to make them learn something new. Training will not have to take up much of their time away from their daily routine.

Mobile learning is an effective strategy for improving the dissemination of product or service information within the company. Use mlearning wisely so you can boost employee performance and profits.

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong for FreeDigitalPhotos.net