5 Elements Of An Attention-Grabbing Elearning Course

animated man jumping beside a LEARN textThe first step to make your elearning course successful is to make it as attention-grabbing as possible. Even if you put the most informative content or put together the most enjoyable activities, it will all be for nothing if you cannot grab the attention of your target learners.

This is why grabbing the attention of your learners should be the first on your list of goals as you create your course. But do not think that this is only at the beginning of the learning process. You need to make your online course attention-grabbing all the way. After all, you do not want the learner to lose interest in the midst of the learning process.

Thankfully, there are 5 simple elements that you need to put in your course so that it can keep the attention of the learners until the very end.

  1. It has to be enticing. First of all, you have to make your elearning course enticing enough so that it taps into the curiosity of your target learners. You need to be able to build that curiosity so that the learners will be encouraged to begin the lesson that you have prepared for them. This can be done through your marketing strategies, the course outline, the title of your course, etc. Concentrate on the first impression of the learners. They need to be enticed at first glance.
  2. It has to be specific. To help make your course enticing, you need to understand who your target learners are. You want to be able to address the specific needs of the learners because you need to show them how you can give them just that. This knowledge will not only allow you to attract the right people, it will also help set the pace of your course so the learning process will be perfect for your learners. It will help you choose the right tools, and strategies to make the course very effective.
  3. It has to be valuable. When you understand what your learners need, you will know how to present your elearning course in a valuable light. No learner will try to learn something they know will not be of value to them. Be clear about how the course will be valuable in the lives, profession and personal goals of the target learners. If you are able to point out the importance of your course, it will really grab the attention of your learners.
  4. It has to be humorous. This is the element that will help you keep learners hooked to the elearning course. This does not mean you need to crack jokes – although that is not too bad if delivered correctly. You just have to make the course fun and light. Even the most complex topics can be taught in a way that will be enjoyed by the learners. Admittedly, this is tough to do because you do not know if your learners will appreciate your efforts to be funny. But if you truly know the people who will participate in your course, you should be able to get some ideas. Use stories, commentaries and even animations to make your course humorous.
  5. It has to be interactive. The last element that your elearning course should have is being interactive. This is another way to encourage your learners to finish the course until the very end. You have a lot of tools to use to make this interactive. You can set up a discussion platform to open doors for learners to communicate with each other. You can use gamification to make assessments fun. There are so many things that you can do. Even a simple drag and drop option will force your learners to be more active and to participate in the course.

As you create your elearning course, inserting these elements to make it attention-grabbing will help encourage your learners to focus on every part of the learning process. That will make it more effective – especially when it comes to retention. After all, you usually remember things that are most enjoyable to you.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles for FreeDigitalPhotos.net