5 Attention-Grabbing Introductions For E Courses

e courses introductionE courses will always benefit from a well-constructed introduction. The introduction is the best way for you to hook your target audience. When students are given a proper introduction, it peaks their interest and motivates them. It has something to do with knowing what to expect in the lesson. When student know what will happen in the course, they get to prepare themselves to receive the lesson that will be presented in the course.

This part of the lesson is an important part of the learning process because it sets the pace for the whole experience. It can make them engaged in the lesson early on. You need to be careful in figuring out how you will introduce the course to the students. Fortunately, there are several options when it comes to the right introduction for e courses.

Use a story. A story is a great way to help the students connect to the lesson on an emotional level. Once they are emotionally connected, they can easily immerse themselves in the lesson. Make sure the story is relevant to the lesson. For instance, if you want to teach them about financial management, you can come up with a story about two people who borrowed money. One was responsible with their money. The other was reckless with it. Mention how things ended up differently with the two. That should lead up to the importance and value of the lesson.

Introduce a character. Another technique that you can use is to introduce a character. The students will follow the adventures of this character as it goes through the lessons and improves skills. Make sure that the character is someone that the students can relate to. Mention the dilemma of the character and the journey that they should go through to solve their problem.

Start with a multimedia presentation. You can also use a multimedia presentation to introduce the course. It can be a short video or a slideshow presentation that discusses what the e courses are all about. It is okay if it is not too long. This should be an entertaining way for the students to find out what to expect from the course.

Ask a question or mention a headline. This should be a thought-provoking question or a headline. This will catch the attention of the students and make them think. If it leads them to realize the value of the course, that is even better. Sometimes, all it takes is a great question or a headline to make them think about their motives for taking the course.

Conduct an open forum. The final strategy to create an attention-grabbing intro for e courses is to conduct an open discussion among the participants. This is also a great way to let them know the things that you will deliver in the course. At the same time, this is their chance to let you know their expectations from the course. This discussion will also help them get to know the other students participating in the course.

Use any of these introduction techniques to help prepare the students to go through the e courses.

Image courtesy of Kookkai_nak for FreeDigitalPhotos.net