3 Signs That Your Mlearning Course Is Effective

image of book in a tabletThere is never a better time to promote mlearning than now. Also known as mobile learning, this method of education involves the use of mobile devices as a delivery tool for any kind of lesson.

A few years ago, this learning method would have been difficult to pull off. But now, the advances in technology makes it a possible. The emergence of smartphones and sophisticated gadgets allow complex elearning courses to be accessible through mobile devices. Not only that, the popularity of social media pushed it further in terms of value. People always have their mobile phones with them. That means getting the mlearning courses to your target learning group will not require much effort.

The growth of mobile learning has improved dramatically over the past years. What started as text-based mini lessons can now take on the form of short videos or animations. The increasing capabilities of this learning platform provide evidence that you need to start thinking about using it extensively.

While it is evident that mlearning is indeed a powerful delivery tool, you still have to know the signs that will prove that it is effective. Here are 3 signs that will help you know if the mobile learning course that you created is meeting expectations.

  1. When learners are highly engaged in online discussions. It is not just about joining discussions. If the majority of your learners are asking questions, providing answers and sharing ideas, then you know that their minds are in-tune to the lesson. That means your mlearning course is doing its job in stimulating and challenging your learners. The more they are willing to interact with each other, the more evidence you have that there is learning that is happening.
  2. When learners respond to your call to action. It does not even matter if your call to action is related to the content or not. If you really captured the attention of your learners, they will follow through any call to action that you will give them. Even if it is a simple liking or following of your social media account, if the learners do what they are told, then you know that they appreciated the mlearning course. You can even assume that they are looking for more.
  3. When learners access your course often. Most of the time, mobile learning is fashioned as short and bite-sized courses that are usually in-demand. The more people accessing your course means there is a need for more of the same learning style. For instance, if you created a video that teaches learners how to bake through a microwave and you notice that a lot of people access it, then you know that this knowledge is in demand. You need to create more courses that have a similar content because people are looking for that kind of information.

These signs will help you measure the effectiveness of the mlearning course that you presented online. If one or more of these signs are evident in your course, then you know that you have a successful mobile learning material. If not, then you need to improve something somewhere.

Image courtesy of adamr for FreeDigitalPhotos.net