Consultation Service

V-Learn understands that some businesses have IT requirements but lack the resources to invest in an in-house manpower to fulfill that need. This is why the company also offer consultation services for general IT requirements. Outsourcing your IT concerns allow you to access expertise and experience while minimizing costs. This is a great budgeting strategy that will allow you to maximize your resources and concentrate on your core competencies.

The V-Learn team of experts have spent over a decade working with databases and reporting solutions. With every project that we have come across, our goal have always been to take your specific content and combine it with a system that compliments it perfectly. This system will help you manage and analyze your data in the simplest way possible. We will deliver your data in a customized format that will not only make sense even to the newest user in your team, but will also provide high value in the attainment of your business goals.

General Network Support

Our general network support involves setting up a connection and the operations required to support it through monitoring and management, tracking of logged sessions, and IP management.

Here is a list of the consultation services that we can provide.

  • SQL Database Maintenance. This service includes setting up your SQL Database to help with full recovery of your files, transaction log backup and cleanup tasks. We can also help you manage your data file, remove index fragmentation and ensure up to date statistics in user activity.
  • Migration. This service is useful for companies who would like to transfer their data into a new and modern operating system without corrupting or losing their files. We will assist in initiating automating and tracking the migration process.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning. Disasters can strike anytime and it can be in the form of a natural or man-made emergency. V-Learn can help protect your files from these unexpected events by helping you create a Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Microsoft Assistance. With more than a decade’s worth of experience in training and consulting in Microsoft products, our team  can provide support to help resolve issues you may be experiencing with them.
  • Office 365 Installation and Migration. The service includes the setting up, installation and safe migration of your data files into the latest Office 365 operating system.

New systems and programs are being released continuously and you want to make sure that you are updated without making the same investment as before. Allow us to make that possible for you.

We are also consultants of Tin Can API and Moodle. To know more about how we can help you through these LMS solutions visit our V-Learning Development page or click HERE.

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