The V-learning portal offers a suite of V-learn type solutions, ideas, strategies, reporting, and data mining. We have classified them into three distinct services.

Training Solution

The focus of our service is teaching clients to utilize V-learning in order to enhance their own training and educational requirements. Whether it is for a business or a learning institution, we will help you create software programs and tools that will transform your training procedures to produce efficient and effective outcomes. The V-learning program that we offer concentrates on fusing two concepts: e-Learning and business intelligence.

Among the products that we can train you with include Adobe Captivate, Storyline Articulate, JavaScript, SQL Server, T-SQL, Excel, and Web Development (focus on JQuery). Our team of professionals can also provide you with extensive training on Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC).

We can create a customized V-learning program that will address the specific requirements of your company in training your employees. We are flexible enough to conduct programs via:

  • Traditional classroom setting (on-site or in our state of the art facilities);
  • Virtual classroom that will show an actual instructor and can share screens for an interactive learning experience; or,
  • Self-paced learning through archived training videos and interactive exercises.

You can decide on the mode of training depending on your day to day processes. That way, your team can learn without disrupting the normal operations in your company. This service is also open to individual students who wish to have an extensive knowledge on elearning software, tools and products.

To learn more about our training service and how we can create a custom training program for you, click HERE.

V-Learning Development

Through V-Learning, we will not only introduce to you the products that will help you be more efficient in e-Learning. We can also provide you with custom content that will be a perfect fit for your training programs. With our help, you will can improve and modernize your content creation so your students can enjoy a higher learning experience.

The beauty of the digital age is you get access to tools and programs that will make teaching and training easier to implement. We can help you create customized LMS or Learning Management Systems that will fit your specific needs. This includes training videos, interactive exercises that you can deliver to your classes hassle-free. Our elearning systems can be easily updated as the training program is revised in the future. We can also ensure that this system will allow you to monitor, record, report and deliver V-learning courses within your institution.

We are also consultants of Tin Can API and Moodle and we can help you utilize these LMS platforms to turn your e-learning goals into a reality.

If there is anything that you want to develop, V-Learn can sit down with you to discuss how you can make your V-Learning ideas into a reality.

To learn more about v-learning development, click HERE.

Consultation Service

If it is general IT requirements that you need, our expertise and experience can assist you as well. Take advantage of the following services that we excel in:

  • General network support
  • SQL Database maintenance
  • Migration
  • Disaster Recovery planning
  • Microsoft assistance
  • Office 365 installation and migration

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